Here you will find my work. Thanks for taking the time to look around!

I am a multi disciplinary artist. After leaving art school sans degree, I spent a fair number of years travelling North America. I have never stopped creating things. I have done murals in cut glass and paint, oil portraiture, ink paintings, numerous craft shows and festivals, and woodworking.

The journals that I make are in an a style I have adapted over time mixing 14-16th century techniques and modern adhesive. I tear all paper by hand, wind each silk end-band and source all of my cover material second hand (no new leather!). I aim to keep the final cost of these accessible, and as such do not take wholesale orders for resale.

The art that I make ranges from absurd collage to portraiture. Recently, I have been working in ink though this changes without warning. From abstract landscape to commissioned portraits to artwork for your DND campaign. I enjoy working through the commission process, and will respond to all inquiry.

The music found here is original music. I am consistently writing and trying new things out, but don’t record terribly often. This album is my first, covering about ten years of songwriting. Thanks for listening!

If you’d like to support what I’m up to, the music tab has an option to buy my album (pay as you wish). You can also purchase things in the store.